Artist's Statement

Exploring the relationship between man and nature has always been a very important element for my creating. Memories is the topic I constantly return to in my artwork. One of my goals is to help my environment to reduce their self-censorship. Artists, who aren’t afraid of showing their inner selves, are the ones getting my attention.

My field of art includes photography, painting, design and poetry. 

By frequently mixing different types of art materials, I allow myself to express different ideas. I have an aptitude for design and I am a multi-artist when it comes to the visual. Different types of packaging are important; the feeling of the material should always correspond to each project.

I was born in 1994 in Espoo, Finland. In the spring of 2017 I graduated as a photographer from Bachelor of Culture and Arts in Pietarsaari. I am based in Pedersore, Finland. 

– Rebecca Enlund

Solo & duo exhibitions

2026: Upcoming: Kaupunginkirjasto, Pietarsaari

2024: Upcoming: 30 (private) / Värnum, Ähtävä

2022: Clarity / Rosenlunds prästgård, Pietarsaari

2021: Väntan / Kaffia, Pietarsaari

2020: Symbios / Galleri Bruno, Pännäinen

2019: Med Nya Ögon / After Eight, Pietarsaari

2016: Someone’s Past / Café Fredrika, Pietarsaari

            Stillhet / Café Fredrika, Pietarsaari

            Öde/Väsen: Someone’s Past, with Johanna Överfors / Galleri Bruno, Pännäinen

2014: 20 (private) / Haukilahti, Espoo

Group exhibitions

2024: Upcoming: Tre Städer / City Library, Kokkola (Curated)

2023: MYCELIUM / Tempus, Pietarsaari

              Home / Kaupunginkirjasto, Pietarsaari

2022: Shapes & Spaces / Musiikkikeskus, Pietarsaari

             Glasgrön Himmel  / Tupakkamakasiini, Pietarsaari (Curated)

             Kontrast / Kaupunginkirjasto, Pietarsaari

2020: Jakarte Årsutställning / Tupakkamakasiini, Pietarsaari (Curated)

2017: FotoArtis Medlemsutställning / Kaupunginkirjasto, Pietarsaari

            Suomi Laidasta Laitaan / Tupakkamakasiini, Pietarsaari

            På väg: Efter regnet / Vaasa City Art Gallery, Vaasa

2016: Variations: Identitetslängtan / Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari

2015: Fenestra: Identitetslängtan / Northern Photographic Center, Oulu (Curated)

            Minoriteter i minoriteten: Anneli Söderdahl / Gallery GRO, Pietarsaari

2014: Artopus Festival / Old fire station, Pietarsaari

            One Day This Will Be Funny / Café Fredrika, Pietarsaari

            Year One / Pietarsaari


Art association Jakarte:
Member since 2020, Secretary of the Board since 2022

Art education

2013 – 2017   Medianom BA, Media Culture
(Photojournalism and fine art photography)
Novia University of Applied Sciences, Pietarsaari

2010 – 2013   Media assistant, Audiovisual communication
(Photography, video and graphic design)
Prakticum Vocational College, Helsinki

Art books and prints

2023: Art Calendar 2024,  Desk calendar, Personal project AVAILABLE!

2022: Art Calendar 2023, Monthly planner & Desk calendar, Personal project

2017: Efter regnet, Photography and poetry book, Novia bachelor thesis

            Suomi Laidasta Laitaan, Photography book, Novia group project & Fotoskolan STHLM

            Ekorosk Kalender, Wall calendar (September photo), FotoArtis & Ekorosk

2016: Inside Milkhill, Photography book, Novia project

            Beyond The News, Magazine, Novia group project & Rebecca Simons

2015: Someone’s Past, Photography book, Novia project

            Åre & Trollstigen, Travel book, Personal family project

            Sejnäjoki Says Welcome, Advertising signs, Novia group project

            Identitetslängtan, Mixed media and poetry magazine, Novia project

2013: Känslor, Photography and poetry book, Prakticum final work

2012: Så Olika, Amanda Oscarsson´s CD, Photography and design

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+358 50 4924690

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